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[Pinned] [STICKY] How to post pictures on the forum

Short how-to on posting pictures on the forum!Step 1:Go to Step 2:Click "Browse" and select a picture to upload from your computer. Step 3:Click "Continue" and wait for the upload to finish. Step 4:Copy the co...
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[Pinned] [STICKY] How to apply/sign up for the guild site

Quick how-to on applying to the guild:If you're already a member the process is exactly the same.Things to note:1. Use your main character's name as your Username.2. Use a valid and permanently accessible e-mail address.3. If you're applying; put ...
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site theme

I'm curious on which theme you guys used to create your guildsite, it looks stunning
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well, i figured i'd start the old shit back up! even tho i didnt come up with the last one but i felt it was my responsibility to carry on the tradition
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BlizzCon loot!

Yes, I got my BlizzCon loot today, BE JELLY :DNow, let's take a closer look on the stuff. I haven't bothered to blow up the sword, cause I have no idea where to put it after, but if you guys need to see it I can do it x)Murkidan pin and Overwatch ...
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WoW: Candy Crush Naga

Expansion after legion!!!World of Warcraft: Candy Crush NagaSource
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Music Thread needs moar Music

You know what to do, leave some music videos/links here n such
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Watching the Manaroth Kill Vid "GAYS RUN TO GREEN!"
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S.E.L.F.I.E Thread

During Arena today myself and Danni Had some funOH NO, SOMEONE DIED!!His Friend isn't happy!!Danni Casually Healing, No Biggie!Laughing in the face of Danger :DAngry Healer Trying to Avenge his friend :PYOU NEVER GET DIS!!3 FAST 5 U!!Gettin ready ...
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Sgt is in trouble! :P

Hey All!I'm writing here, cause I might need some help and maybe some of you have some intel that can guide me :) (I know for a fact that some of you guys will know what to do! :D)Firstly my computer is not working at the moment. I'll describe wha...
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A Sergeant's farewell.

Greetings everyone! I have been in Neon for some time now. I joined the guild back in early Throne of Thunder, and I can safely admit that I had my best raiding experiences during ToT hc and through SoO Normal to HC, until I left for a boarding sc...
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Hey, I only miss 2 gold CMs. Gate of the setting sun and niuzao temple.Would any of you be able to help me get these 2 before Tuesday?:)I will be online almost all day this weekend/monday/tuesday trying to achieve that.
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Hey there dudes !

Greetings to all guildies :D First of all gratz on the 8/14 proggress i just saw it :) As some of you know i am on a frozen wow state and whether or not i will be back is still uknown. I havent put a thread to the away section since i amfrequent...
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Looking for new member?

Hello guys,I have seen that you are looking for new members. I am thinking about leaving my guild Most wanted for of many reasons ( i've been with theese guys from the beginning, I am one of the best healers atm and im still on rank raider, by the...
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Help Zycorax out - Take this survey

He asked me to post it to the guild :P It takes like 60 seconds to do.
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What's the Fastest you've refreshed your farm?

Was doing my farm today and was wondering who can do it the fastest. If anyone can be arsed with it, pick your herbs so you just have untilled soil. Then start a timer, buy seeds and set up whatever spells/items/potions you can use to make it quic...
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Game of Bones

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I made a wallpaper!

Was bored and needed a new wallpaper, so I made this: should use it! >:|
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Baywatch for Flaxx

Album: pics are useless :P
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