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Looting Rules | An in-depth explanation (Updated for Nighthold)
  • Loot Council - Master Loot - RC Loot Council Addon:
Council Members:
  • Kcu
  • Pix
  • Chamdar
  • Spiwits
  • Veinlash
  • Sup
General guidelines to how the council mebers make determinations on who gets loot:
  1. Attendance/Guild Rank (Raider > Member > Alt)
  2. Performance (How well you play your class)
  3. BiS/Major upgrade/Sidegrade/Offspec
  4. Item level upgrade
  5. Loot count
Guild Rank priority system:
1. Raider Main Spec
2. Raider Offspec
3. Member (Recruit) Main Spec
4. Alt (of Raider) Main Spec
5. Alt (of Raider) Offspec
6. Everyone else

The general guidelines to how the council members make determinations on who gets loot is not absolute, and we ask raiders to be patient and understanding when the council members decides how an item should be awarded. Generally it is up to the council to decide who gets an item but after recieveing an item the player can decide whether an item should be passed to someone who potentially needs it more or is more deserving. We encourage all our raiders to to be generous, humble and honorable when participating in the loot distribution process.

Please be advised that this system may not catch all loot scenarios that pop up in the future. If a situation arises where the looting system can't be directly applied to make a ruling, the guild leadership will discuss and decide how to best proceed.

If you ever have an issue with how loot is distributed, contact an officer immediately before an item is no longer tradable so that the situation can be resolved. Neon strives to make sure that loot is distributed fairly and beneficially, so any feedback is considered helpful.

We realize this is a very detailed system and we will look into condensing it a little bit, but for now if there are any questions, please contact an officer in-game via whispers or mail.
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Attendance Based Reward System (ABRS)

  • End of tier rewards based on raid attendance (%)
  • Attendance records reset with every raid tier. Should it ever be unclear what tier a raid dungeon belongs to, there will be a ruling by the guild leadership to determine this.
  • Full attendance is received by signing up on the in-game calendar, being online during invites, and half the raid time if benched. Being benched is not the same as sitting out voluntarily. A member of the guild leadership will explicitly have to acknowledge that a player is benched in order for attendance to be awarded.
  • Players signed up on the in-game calendar, and online during invites will be awarded full attendance even if a raid is cancelled.
  • End of tier rewards will be distributed after the end of the current raiding tier. (New)

End of Tier Reward Thresholds
These are determined by a fixed attendance %: (you won't be awarded an item if you don’t have the required %)

75%+ attendance: Staunch Raider Rank and Increased Repair Limit*
85 %+ attendance: Devoted Raider Rank and Increased Repair Limit x2*
95%+ attendance: Ardent Raider Rank and unlimited Repair Limit/Guildbank Access*
100%+ attendance: 1 WoW Token, Free (Rare) Battle Pet or Toy from the Guildbank, and Hall of Fame*

*Only for your main raiding character (Not alts).

If Staunch/Devoted/Ardent Raiders slip below the required % at the end of the tier they will be demoted to the rank below, and will need to end the next tier with the required % to again be considered for promotion.

Constant Attendance Thresholds
As mentioned, we are trying to limit use of these to only rare occasions, to make the system less convoluted and more streamlined while in raids. As such there are only going to be a small number of thresholds to keep in mind when dealing with loot.

75%+ attendance: Right to purchase (BoEs) from the Guildbank
85%+ attendance: Priority on attending scheduled Heroic Raids and Dungeons.
95%+ attendance: Right to roll on Mounts (In relevant content)
100%+ attendance: Priority on attending scheduled Mythic Raids and Dungeons.

*After ~3 raids new members will be considered for promotions as usual, and if promoted will then automatically be set to 50 % attendance. Minimum amount of attendance is 50 %. If Raiders slip below 50% they will get considered for demotion back to Member, and will need ~3 new successful raids to again be considered for promotion.

The updated attendance list can always be found on this website by clicking the attendance link in the main navigation bar above. The list will be updated in a timely manner.
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